Waggy Tail’s Holiday Gift Guide for Dogs

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December 23, 2019
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The holidays
should be special for your furry friends as well as your human ones! After all,
your pets are like family members, and they deserve to receive delightful gifts
as well. Whether you’re shopping for your own dogs or for those of a relative
or friend, check out Waggy Tail’s holiday gift guide for dogs to get the scoop
on the coolest puppy presents of 2019.

Snuffle Mat

The Snuffle
is a wonderful rug toy featuring layers, ruffles, and pockets
that your dog will love to stick his nose into. It’s partly a treat puzzle,
partly a nose-work blanket to help your pup hone those natural skills. In other
words, it’s the ideal gift to soothe any doggy stress and relieve boredom.


Of course,
all dogs love treats, and there’s no better way to tell your pup “I love
you” than by buying some special ones! Invest in some natural, organic
treats that are healthy and tasty for your dogs, and allow them to have a few
extras over the holidays. Waggy Tail gives Primal
Chicken Nibs
the seal of approval. All of puppers love these!

A New Pet Bed

What dog
doesn’t enjoy a new bed? Choose a snuggly, comfy, plush bed that will delight
your dog and keep them off the coach as well! It’s a win-win for everyone
involved. The Snoozer
Cave Bed
gets our pick for the holiday season. It’s great for dogs
who may display anxiety and also keeps them cozy and warm just as if they were
under the covers in your bed!

High-Tech Collar

If your dog
is an escape artist, you may want to invest in a smart dog collar. Check the
available models to find one that’s equipped with GPS tracking and gives you
information about your dog’s activities throughout the day. It’s the perfect
complement to a dog cam and allows you to feel less anxious about your pet’s
safety and comfort while you’re at work or on a trip. There are many options
out there such as the Tile
and the Link.
Be sure to do your homework to see which product may best suit your needs.

Stress Relief Toys & Chews

chewable can offer much-needed soothing and stress relief for your dog. Does
your dog have a favorite chew toy at home? Shop for a new one that’s roughly
the same size or shape, but with slightly different features for added
interest. Kong has a variety of toys to keep your pooch happy and satisfied. We
love the Kong Classic and the Wobbler.
For puppies, purchase a cuddly, soft toy with a simulated heartbeat and warming
feature to mimic the presence of a mother dog. And of course, edible chews and
rawhide bones are classics, sure to win you points with your grateful pet.

Remember, if
you’re planning to be away over the holidays or for an upcoming vacation next
year, you can contact Waggy Tail Pet Care.
We offer pet sitting, pet taxi services, dog-walking, and at-home care visits
for your pets while you’re absent. Call us today at 305-239-9299 or visit our website
to find out which services might be right for you and your furry family

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