Meet our Local, Professional Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers

Michelle H

Growing up as an equestrian, I was always intrigued by working with animals and being around them 24/7. As a teenager in school when all my friends were being social, I was at the barn hanging with my horse! I got my first dog at the age of 12. She was a beautiful Jack Russell named Shana. Along with basic commands, I taught her many tricks such as keeping a treat on her nose and waiting for my command to catch them midair, hide & seek, and jumping at least 5 feet in the air to grab a treat. I have always cherished animals and always felt the closest of bonds with the four-legged furry kind.

Fast forward more than 2 decades later, I now am a proud mama of 2 Maltipoo’s, a Yorkie, and a beautiful off-the-track Thoroughbred. I am immensely passionate about pet care and find so much joy in seeing all the Waggy Tail’s I come in contact with every day. Doing small things with great love is a value I stand by. The happiness I receive from giving back to those who provide unconditional love is priceless. I look forward to meeting your furry friend and treating them as my own.


I am an enthusiastic lover of all animals. I grew up caring for many different species including cats, guinea pigs, rabbits, birds, & of course our favorite funny, loyal, and furry companions, dogs!

Growing up my family & I had a couple of lab mix breeds, Bear & Bianca, that we rescued from a shelter. Later, came a German Shepard named Thunder and finally we adopted another lab mix named Beau. All of our pups were very well mannered. My Mother was outstanding and a natural at training dogs. She taught my sister and I everything she knew. Before we knew, the 3 of us had half the block asking us to train their dogs! We made a small business of it one summer and our neighbors were just thrilled with all the new skills their pups had learned.

I also cared for many smaller breeds throughout the years after moving out of my parents’ home. Two Pomeranians named Mary-Kate and Ashley, a Pug named Pugslee, & 3 Min-Pins called, Lily, Coco, & Sarge.

5 years ago my husband & I purchased our condo in Miami Beach and unfortunately the building doesn’t allow dogs. I do however have Bailey; the sweetest, most loving, and beautiful Maine Coon cat whom I love to the moon & back. Thank goodness they allow cats. I couldn’t fathom living without a furry friend, but I do miss having a dog terribly, and this is what prompted me to begin working with animals.

By now I’m sure it's evident that I’m not short on dog care experience. I’ve yet to find a breed I don't love or a dogality (doggie personality😉) that I can't handle! The happiness, health, & safety of your pup is most important to me as well as the security of your home. I’m available for walks, feeding, and overnight in-home pet-sitting.

I look forward to meeting, walking, and caring for the furry love of your life.


Hi! My name is Karen! I was born and raised in El Salvador, Central America and throughout my life I have had dogs (especially Shih Tzus) as a central part of my home. My love for animals came at a very young age since both my parents owned a furry companion (a beautiful German Sheperd and a Toy Poodle) that we got to enjoy for over 12 years.

Now married for over 15 years and with two kiddos of my own, we have expanded our family with the most vivacious black and white Shih Tzu and a beautiful caramel bunny that have brought happiness and tons of positive energy to our household. I thoroughly enjoy my role as Office Manager with Waggy Tail as I think that our main mission is to help give your furry companions love and care when you are busy or at work, and that is a wonderful job to do.


Hi, my name is Valeriya and I am a huge dog fan. I have been surrounded by dogs and cats since I was 7 years old and my first dog was a pug named Rocky . My mom was a huge animal lover, we had birds, sea pigs, fishes, turtles, cats and dogs. I definitely grew up in an environment where animals were loved, welcomed and part of our lives.

My childhood dream was to build a dog shelter and save all the dogs possible. Growing up in Ukraine, there were a lot of stray dogs on a streets and I wanted to take them all home. I can feel dog energy and I think dogs can feel mine. That’s why there is always love between us. I have my baby boy Biscuit (chihuahua) that I love unconditionally. I am excited to meet and share love with your furry friend because what they share with us is priceless.