Is Day Care a GREAT IDEA?

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April 20, 2020
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Love and attention are an important part of our pet’s lives and, sometimes, we are not able to provide them with all of the attention that they deserve and need. Dogs are a lot like hoomans: the same way that socialization is very important during hooman development, dogs need to socialize not only with hoomans but with other pets in general. Doggy Day Care can be a great tool for your furry friend to spend some time practicing his or her social skills. Here are Waggy Tail’s reasons why Doggy Daycare is on our list of pup approved services:


  1. Practicing how to behave while in a pack.
    Once upon a time, 20,000 to 40,000 years ago, some hooman in Europe decided that wolfs were a great companion. The domestication process began and now, in the modern days, we have the lovely furry friends we know and love. Wolves behave in a certain way while they are together and look to protect the pups and the elders. Having your dog socialize with others will teach him or her how to behave appropriately when meeting strangers and being around other dogs as well as will give them the confidence they need in new environments and situations. Dogs that do not socialize tend to be more aggressive and attempt to show dominance over others.


  1. It is a great source of exercise.
    Come on! Why do people go to the gym when they can have plenty of exercise at home? Simple: hoomans like to socialize. Interacting with other dogs during daycare guarantees that your pet will have not only plenty of exercise but a great company while doing so! Barking and destructive behaviors may be avoided as well since all your pup’s energy will be spent on playing with friends. A tired dog is a happy dog!


  1. You won’t have to worry about your pet or your belongings.
    Leaving a pup alone all day every day? What if your fur baby feels lonely? What if there is not enough water or food? What if he gets bored? What if he chews on a cable, on the couch or the baseboards or makes accidents on your floor? As we mentioned before, pets are a lot like hoomans, particularly like young children: Having your pet attend daycare will not only eliminate that feeling but will guarantee the safety and wellbeing of your pet. Our staff will always keep an eye on your babies 😉


  1. Helps with Separation Anxiety.
    Doggy misses mommy or daddy? A bored dog is never a good idea. During Day Care, your pet will get plenty of physical and mental stimulation which is an effective way of overcoming the anxiety of being alone.


  1. It helps build a routine for your pet.
    Structure is important in everyone’s life. Having a defined routine helps dogs feel more secure and allows them to feel safe by having a sense of predictability in their lives. For some pets, it might be over doing Daycare if every day. Based on their needs and activity level, your pup may benefit from a couple days of socialization and play during the week. Getting your pup on a weekly recurring schedule of Daycare may be perfect for your loved and still give them the structure they need.


With Waggy Tail Daycare, your pup will get a mix of monitored playtime in our lush garden with short naps in between. If permitted, dog park trips are also a common event. Dogs are welcome to run and play in the yard, relax in the shade or nap in the AC at our home. Fresh water is always available. We will also update you via our Instagram and to your mobile phone with videos and images of how the puppers are doing throughout the day. Pick up and drop off is included!


To learn more or schedule your complimentary meet and greet, just click HERE and create a free account to get started!


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