Pets and Hot Weather

Is Day Care a GREAT IDEA?
May 8, 2020

Summer is here! While 2020 brings a special sort of summer with social distancing restrictions, certain activities including having fun and caring for your furry friends will continue even during these unprecedented times.

Although each pet has different needs, they do share some things in common. Pets require exercise. A dog’s mind works in very interesting ways. They have a natural thirst to explore. With just 30 minutes of activity, you not only ensure that your dog goes potty, but also provide a basic foundation for a healthy mind and body. As the heat rises and summer kicks in, it is important to consider the following things while enjoying the outdoors with your pet:

  1. Check the outside temperature
    A healthy medium to large size dog should be able to walk safely for at least 30 minutes at a temperature of around 68°F. Once the temperature starts to rise, the risk of heatstroke increases. A heatstroke can lead to serious health problems and even death in some cases if not addressed properly.
  1. Pay close attention to the signs
    Excessive panting, unwillingness to move and signs of general discomfort might be a sign of heatstroke. If you notice anything out of the ordinary, consider shortening the walk. Keeping your pet cool by putting water on their head, belly and back may help and always having fresh water handy for them to drink is important.
  1. Keep to the shade and avoid certain surfaces
    Enjoying the outdoors is one of the perks of living in Miami. Keeping to the shade and avoiding asphalt where possible is always a good idea. Asphalt can reach significantly high temperatures and may burn a dogs paw pads. Walking in the early morning or late evening may avoid this issue. If you must walk mid-day, consider a shorter walk or walking in the grass.
  1. Have water available at all times
    While you should never force your pet to drink water, having fresh water available for him or her is important. If you are going for a walk, consider taking a bottle of water with you as well along with a collapsible water bowl.
  1. Consider “cool treats”
    Nothing too fancy is needed. Even some ice cubs might do the trick. There are several easy treat recipes you can find here. From frozen banana treats to custom made pup-sicles your pet is sure to enjoy.

The most important thing – besides having your dog hydrated – is to have fun! You and your furry ones deserve an amazing summer experience and Waggy Tail is here to help. Book your services online here.

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